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The journey of cooking, baking, and strengthening the special bonds created while sharing food and making memories. What could be better?

Welcome to Your Friend In The Kitchen 

Many include simple, easy to find ingredients that can be sourced at your local grocer. 

easy to make
And ready in an hour (or less) 

My Favorite Recipes are:

As much as I enjoy cooking, and have a passion for all things food and kitchen related, that doesn't mean that I want to spend hours in the kitchen making meals, nor cleaning tons of dishes (in my case, bowls). However, there are many days into evenings when I can get lost in my kitchen with spontaneous cooking projects or just testing recipes for hours upon hours several hours later.

What Types of Recipes will You Discover?

Please journey with us as we have fun discovering new ways in which to nourish our bodies and organize our lives In The Kitchen.

There are a few recipes, which I absolutely crave, that are full of deliciousness and take a little more time to prepare and ingredients that are indigenous to a particular region. I will note that they are ‘advanced’.

In my recipes, I strive to use health-conscious shortcuts that save time, but won’t compromise the flavor of the dish. I only share the very best recipes that my husband and I truly love and often eat on a regular basis. Every recipe has been tested multiple times before they are [qualifying to make the] blog worthy. You can trust that they are reliable and very delicious.

Making wholesome food choices is easier said than done. While my husband and I transition to an even healthier and cleaner lifestyle, I will share tips, techniques, hacks, and how-to's as they are developed, as well as trends and related articles from various food sites to assist you with tools, equipment, ingredients, cleaning and organizing your kitchen and home. 

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Each month I offer a specialized Livestream cooking class featuring Intuitive cooking classes suited for blind and low vision individuals of all ages and cooking levels. These classes are also a great fit for sighted individuals who desire to sharpen their cooking knowledge and skills as well. 

Additionally, I also offer private classes, group classes, one-on-one classes and couple’s classes featuring
a variety of cuisines.

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regina's story

Thank you for visiting my sunny corner of the web, my special place for sharing seriously delicious recipes, beautiful stories, sweet reflections and peek into my journey through the world of food. Here, you will be introduced to an innovative approach to the art of cooking that I call “intuitive cooking”, teaching by sensory experiences and audio descriptive language.

I'm Regina Mitchell

Welcome to Your Friend In The Kitchen 

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